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As food security a universal imperative, not the HM Caneira Lda fail to consider this concern as its fundamental goal of industrial and commercial strategy.
The HM Caneira, Ltd. is a company of reference slaughtering and roasting piglets zone Negrais. Intended to be understood as a reference company nationally with capacity to produce food of the highest quality and safety, capable of satisfying the demanding requirements too.

The certification of the Food Safety Management System reflects the concern of HM Caneira, Lda. in defining and implementing a system that ensures high standards of quality, efficiency, performance and competitiveness, demonstrating the ability to respond to all needs and requirements of his customers. Since 2016, the company has been certified by the FSSC 22000 standard, with the following scope “Piglet slaughter. Roasting and cutting suckling pig and other pieces of meat. Packaging in paper or plastic packaging in ATM or vacuum, at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen.”

Our Mission is thus, by association with a prestigious image, quality and safety, consolidated by the public recognition of the added value of our products, enabling us to solidify and strengthen our position in the domestic market as well as in other international markets.

The implementation of the Policy is based on values of business integrity and loyalty, and high ethical standards: honesty, trust and transparency with respect to persons and legislation.

The HM Caneira, Ltd. develops programs that allow you to ensure the realization of products that meet all the legal requirements as well as all the requirements and expectations of its customers with whom develops a close and transparent, using resources in a sustainable manner.


These actions translate into:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable food safety requirements;

  • Manufacture products in compliance with the requirements of the Food Safety Management System, current legal standards and contractual requirements assumed with customers;

  • Continuously train human resources in order to guarantee the necessary skills for the Food Safety Management System and its effectiveness, guaranteeing the implementation of a Food Safety Culture;

  • Ensure the fluidity of internal communication and throughout the food chain, ensuring a close connection between interested parties;

  • Promote continuous improvement of the organization and periodic review of the Food Safety Management System;

  • Provide a structure that allows establish, analyse and achieve the objectives of the Food Safety Management System;

  • Align the SGSA with the global business strategy, improving its profitability

The top management is committed to generating administrative and technical conditions to implement it, maintain it and update it.

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